How to get SSH access to the ubuntu-phone via Wifi

Login through the terminal app, you will be user 'phablet' (the password is the unlock number)

Enable the SSH service with following command (it remains after re-boot):

$ android-gadget-service enable ssh

Now fetch your public key to the Phone from some place, for example run:

$ wget  
$ mkdir .ssh  
$ chmod 0700 .ssh  
$ mv .ssh/authorized_keys

Now you can look up your IP on the phone and use ssh to connect:

$ ip addr show wlan0 |  grep inet

From your remote workstation use the following command to connect via Wifi to the BQ:

$ ssh phablet@IP-addr-from-above-command

The SSH session even remans when the device is locked and black; don't know if this is intention that it does not suspend.

see also:

Last updated: Sat Oct 17 13:09:43 CEST 2015

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